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How does it work?

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The first step is to choose a yacht to your liking, you can discuss your wishes with our yacht charter professionals or browse our website to see which yacht you like. Tell us when you’d like to charter and we’ll set everything up for you.

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When your desired yacht is available and ready to go, there will be an option set on the date of your departure. With our safe and secure wallet-to-wallet solution, you will receive a payment link to transfer the amount required to charter the yacht.

Enjoy your time on board!

Once the payment is succesful, it can not be reversed and the amount will go straight to the owner. Now all you have to do is enjoy your yachting holiday!

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55 accepted cryptocurrencies

The wallet-to-wallet solution lets you pay with 55 different cryptocurrencies. Without the extra transaction fees or fraud possibilities, once the payment is received it can not be faked or reversed and is fully anonymous. We guarantee the amount of the charter will be transferred to the yacht owner, to make sure your yachting holiday is a certainty.

And many more…

Some of our Yachts

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